Steve’s Letter

Steve is Nina’s closest and most beloved friend, and her most frequent musical partner. He is an impressive New York City-based musician with an enviable career. Steve is smart, introspective, kind, analytical, and observant. He has become like a second brother to Nina — someone who is always there for a movie on New Year’s Eve, for holidays with the family, or just for relaxing and eating take-out!

I met Nina in the fall of 2011, when we both began our doctoral work in New York City. We became fast friends and frequent musical collaborators. We’ve been close since that time – I’ve turned to Nina so many times for advice, or when I wanted someone to listen. She is an outstandingly thoughtful and empathetic person.

Nina and Galen have a beautiful relationship; I’ve seen how they care for and support each other in all kinds of different situations. They have a true partnership – when I’m in their home, I always feel a warmth and a safety, I feel the stability they share. In my opinion, they would be excellent parents, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.