Nina and Galen are
hoping to adopt a baby!

Nina and Galen are hoping to adopt a baby!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our site! We’re Nina and Galen, a married couple from New York City, looking to adopt a newborn from anywhere in the US. Please have a look around, and get in touch if you’re interested in more information!

What We Have to Offer a Child

  • A safe and stable home
  • Access to a good education
  • The rich cultural resources of New York City
  • Laughter, music, and a love of books
  • Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in an enormous and loving extended family
  • Family vacations and outdoor adventures
  • Parents who will love, cherish, and celebrate their child for being exactly who they are. Unconditionally. Forever.

Why We Want to Adopt

We’ve known since we started seriously dating that someday we wanted to have a family. We thought we’d have a relatively easy time conceiving, just like so many of our friends, but four years and one miscarriage later, it’s turned out not to be the case for us. Even though the biology just hasn’t worked out, we still very much want to raise children. Through adoption, we’ll be able to! Families don’t have to be dictated by blood and genes — love is enough, and we have that in endless supply!

Nina’s mom, Gayle, was adopted, so Nina has seen firsthand a successful and loving adoption. This is what we want to experience with our child, too. We have the resources and desire to provide for a baby, and for the adult he or she will grow into. We can’t wait to meet our new kid!